Dear Me……..

Dear Me,

Yooo, what’s going on man? It’s me. Well really it’s you if you wanna get technical. Don’t act like you don’t know me bruh. I’m that little guy who sits back in the folds of this deranged brain of yours. Which speaking of the lights never seem to turn off up here and everything……..and I mean everything tends to run at an alarming speed in this establishment. But I stay here rent free so I guess I won’t complain too much. Any who, we should probably have a chat. It’s not like we don’t have the time to now. The entire world is on punishment including you so we might as well hash this out.

This feels weird to say only four months but damn what a year it’s been man. You were in the middle of your little self improvement saga. You finally started going to therapy (I mean I told you to go ages ago but that’s besides the point) and making some real improvement. You told your therapist in those first few sessions that you’d make more of a concerted effort to get out and breathe mother nature’s fresh air a bit more. Honestly I didn’t think you’d follow through with it. But I’ll be damned I’m honestly proud to say you proved me wrong. You went to comic con and splurged on a ton of comics that you still have yet to read. You went to that car show and walked the show room floor in those Paul George Nasa Nike’s with your little brother until your toes nearly detached from your feet. Not even to mention the absurd amount of food adventures you went on, bruh you were truly living life how the creator intended.

And then….BOOM…..the world catches the meanest haymaker right on the chin with this COVID-19 situation and now you’re right back at square one. Stuck in the house all day with good ol me. I’m not sure how you feel but I cherish our time together. At least most of it. I get a nice kick when we have a little chat and it ends in a light bulb moment with you finally having some kind epiphany of about life. Hell I live up here and I’m still trying to figure out how it takes you so long to reach obvious conclusions but as long as you reach the destination then the journey was worth the time spent. Even if your GPS conked out a few times along the way.

Butttttt there are also other times when us spending too much time together takes you and I both down some treacherous downward spiraling pathways that are nearly impossible to get out of.  With the world at a stand still you and I are gonna be meeting up more often than either of us really intend to. So to ensure that it’s not to either of our detriments I just want to remind you of a few things.

I’ve lived up here long enough to know that over these past few years you’ve developed an odd obsession over time. How to spend it? Who to spend it with? What to spend it doing? How much of it remains? But the most important question of those to you is the what. What in the hell do you do with all this new free time that the world has dumped into our laps? With the earth being on an indefinite time out you’re sitting here with an over abundance of time. I know you’re frugal about spending it, you just wanna make sure its invested in the right things. So what are those right things exactly? Hell if i have all of the answers, but I might have a few to take into consideration.

I wish I had some deep philosophical, mind bending metaphorical answer for you here. But honestly man, from the time you spend writing that book that you’ve been stressing your brain over, to the time you spend exercising at 5 AM which boyyyyyy i hate you for, to the time you spend staring at the ceiling doing absolutely nothing. It’s all essential. No exceptions. Listen bruh, there’s no playbook written anywhere for a situation like this. Not one average person wakes up and plans for a blockbuster Hollywood film pandemic to jump out of the projections screen and step foot into real life. So whatever you decide to spend this time doing is one hundred percent cool with me.

Keep working on that book, research, learn, exercise (5AM is a little overkill but that’s just me) and try some new cooking recipes that you’ll probably completely botch the first three times. But also, chill out, put your headphones on, go to sleep, sit on your ass, pick up that controller and bond with all these video games you haven’t beat. Maybe check up on some friends and family too, they don’t really hear from you all that often, tsk tsk.

No one knows when life will return back to normal or if a new alternate normal will have to be established when earth finally lets us go back outside again. Regardless of how you spend that time, no matter what you spend it doing, it’s completely fine to do a little bit of everything, which ironically includes a little bit of nothing.

Your theme of life this year in 2020 was growth. To take the purposeful steps to transform into what you’ve always pictured yourself becoming. You want to make every second count, you want for every second to mean something substantial. At moments time seems ever fleeting, you’ve convinced yourself that you don’t have enough it, even in a time like this. And in that obsession of time sometimes you forget to just cherish it.

Sure these aren’t the best circumstances. But in the process of stressing out you and me over the use of time I think you’ve forgotten to simply covet it. Enjoy the extra silence and the empty gaps of space that used to be filled with work commutes. Use it to grow, use it to relax, use it to laugh, use it to heal. You’re anxious of the future, eager to dream chase and get the proverbial ball rolling. But since the world is at a halt all we can do is use this time and take care of now. The future is a cloud of uncertainty, so for the time being we have to make best of the moments in between then. And eventually when the doors of the world finally let us out to play again you can hit the ground running.

All of the wishful hopes and you dreams you have are probably on the other side of this madness. Just take a few deep breaths, have a little patience and we’ll make it.

It’ll all come……in due time.



The Quarantined Creative

What’s good people?

I know many of us right now are on lock down due to this Coronavirus situation. For many this is a time of uncertainty and the waters are a bit murky and tough to navigate. I don’t have an end all be all fix. But I recorded a podcast about to ways to handle this current situation from a creatives perspective. I don’t know a lot about a lot. But I’ll offer my two cents and change on how to cope with our current landscape. Hopefully it’ll help somebody out there. And if not……well at least I tried.

Listen to episode here

And Then, I turned 30……

So I woke up this morning as an official member of the 30 year old club. I’ve got two gray beard hairs but my knees aren’t hurting so I’ll take it as a victory. To avoid a long and sentimental post I’ll just say the years of my 20’s can be summed up as life repeatedly punching me in the jaw while I bobbed and weaved just trying to survive. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I felt like I had somewhat of a clue of what I was doing on this crazy planet. I’ve kind of been aimlessly wandering and stumbling around, making mistakes, attempting to learn, failing, trying again, rinse and repeat.

As I start this journey of the 30’s I finally feel like I have a sense of direction. Though I’m not sure how I need to get where I want to go I’m at least walking on a path, which is more than what I was previously doing.

And for those who are under 30 reading this post, let me give you five pointers to keep in mind. It’s nothing ground breaking, you’ve probably heard it before, but you’re about to hear it again because it holds true.

1. Take your health seriously, mentally and physically.

2. It’s normal to feel lost in life. None of us start out knowing where we’re going, you’ll eventually figure it out.

3. When you do find out what it is that you want to do in life go all in for it. Leave nothing to chance.

4. You won’t see results if you don’t put in the effort. And if you’ve been putting in the work but haven’t seen the effort then just keep going. The difference between those who make it and those who don’t isn’t always a matter of talent or status. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the person who made it kept going. And the person who didn’t stopped, not knowing they were inches away from the finish line.

5. Go to therapy if you can, it’s actually not so bad. Not saying it’ll solve all of your problems, but it can be of help.

Any who, I’m about to get out of here but before I go………..

To celebrate my birthday I’ve lowered the price of my book The Oddball Chronicles from 8.99 to 6.90 for physical copies. So if you haven’t read it you can get it now while it’s on sale. And for those who have read it, if you could be so kind to leave me a review and a rating I’d greatly appreciate that as a birthday gift.

And speaking of writing I’m going to go work on volume 2 of this book now. Writing doesn’t stop, even on my birthday. I’ll see you guys around and I hope you have a great Memorial day.

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My Debut |The Oddball Chronicles Is Now Available For Purchase

Umpteen years in the making, my debut book is officially available for purchase in the amazon store. And it’s for the very fair price of 99 cents. Special thanks to everyone who pre ordered and has supported me on this wild journey. All I ask of you is if you read it, whether you love it or hate it, please go on amazon and leave me a REVIEW. Reviews go a long way into helping me get more exposure. As many of you know I’m doing this independently, so I need all the support I can get.

Also, you can still read my book even if you don’t have a kindle. Just go to amazon and search “Kindle For PC”. You can download the app and it’ll run from your laptop or your phone so that you can read on whatever device you choose to use.

Thank you guys a ton, I’ve accomplished a dream, finally……

God bless

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Pre Orders For My Debut Book The Oddball Chronicles Are Available Now


Pre Order Here

Also, I just released Episode 2 of Road To The Oddball Chronicles

As for now the availability of The Oddball Chronicles will strictly be on Amazon. But don’t worry, you don’t have to have a kindle to read it which I also explain in the episode. I’m not asking for a ton of money, I just need you to loan me a dollar.

In this episode I tell the story of how The Oddball Chronicles was created, my influences, and some of the characters that you will meet when you read the story.



Road To The Oddball Chronicles | EP. 1 – Mental Health & Creativity

This is episode one of Road To The Oddball Chronicles. A series of podcasts that I will be releasing up until the release of my upcoming book “The Oddball Chronicles.”

On this episode I discuss the topic of mental health and how it can effect your creative process. I go into detail about my personal struggles of mental health, physical health, and how it can be a detriment to the creative process. I also speak on ways that I’ve learned to cope with the struggles, and put myself in better situation to be able to create.



Bad Results Normally Begin With Bad Habits

Just a quick thought in relation to the podcast that I’ll be releasing tomorrow.

Most of us are creatures of habit. We have some kind of set routine that we adhere to. If you were to write out what activities you engage in each day, many of us would find that we stick to the same script. Though you may not do them in the same order all the time, it’s still the same set of actions.

I say that to say if these same actions aren’t giving you the results you’re looking for then you may need to scrap your playbook, and come up with some new schemes. You can’t move upward if you’re only walking in place. Switch up your routine, introduce yourself to new challenges. In many cases what starts as unfamiliarity and discomfort leads to growth. You may be stuck simply just because you’ve gotten complacent. Eventually you need to level up if you plan on beating the final boss.

That’s all I’ve got to say. Not anything to profound, just a quick thing that’s been running through my little brain lately. Hopefully this can help somebody.

I need to use WordPress more, I’m gonna attempt to be more consistent with my posts. I’ll just share my random thoughts with you guys.